Ministry of Truth

As I’m sure you’ve seen by now the Biden administration just created a new disinformation governance board inside the department of homeland security and that’s like the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Its very existence seems like an obvious first amendment violation. No one should ever be okay with the government deciding what is true or false and the head of the new Agencynina Jankowitz is a perfect example of why. If you look back at her public statements over the years you’ll see that she has a lot of trouble recognizing fact from fiction herself. She asserted that the hunter Biden laptop story was a Russian hoax. It’s not. She praised the Steele dossier which has now been thoroughly debunked and was built around hilariously unreliable sources. Jankowitz has repeatedly demonstrated that she doesn’t trust individuals with free speech or personal freedom in general. We simply can’t trust her to be an infallible arbiter of truth. We can’t trust anyone to do that. Shut it down. Shut it down deal breaker.

Video and transcript by Foundation for Economic Education (