Unraveling the Shocking Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Unveiling the Truth

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Today’s episode is one of the craziest I’ve ever looked into. It made me feel sick, a feeling I haven’t had since my days as a cop investigating similar cases, though never on this scale. The details are overwhelming.

We’re talking about a young girl named Virginia Giuffre. I might be pronouncing it wrong, so I’ll just call her Virginia. She filed a lawsuit against Ms Maxwell for her involvement in Virginia’s sex trafficking when she was a young girl, starting at 16. Throughout this deposition, the attorney tries to catch her in minor discrepancies from events dating back to 1999 and 2000. Originally, Virginia said these events occurred in 1999, but it turned out to be in 2000, information she likely got from her attorneys during another deposition. However, this doesn’t negate her statements.

Before diving into the individuals involved, like Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, senators, and people from the Obama and Bush administrations, it’s crucial to understand Virginia’s background. At 16, she was a runaway with family issues, living with her boyfriend, trying to make money and get her GED. She was working as a receptionist at a massage parlour when Ms Maxwell approached her. Maxwell offered her a job with Mr Epstein, which seemed like a great opportunity for Virginia to get her life together. Her parents were supportive of her becoming a certified massage therapist, so she eagerly accepted the offer.

Through this document, details emerge that are too intricate to cover fully here, but the key points involve Maxwell directing Virginia to engage in various activities. The attorney questions her about specific names, like Thomas Pritzker, an American millionaire and businessman. Born in 1950, he would have been 50 years old in 2000. He is still alive and is known for being the executive chairman of Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

Moving to page 189 of the document, the attorney asks Virginia to name people Ms Maxwell directed her to have sex with. She names Prince Andrew and others, like Glenn Dubin, an American billionaire hedge fund manager. Dubin was born in 1957 and is involved with Highbridge Capital Management and the Robin Hood Foundation.

The document also mentions Jean-Luc Brunel, a French model scout who led an international modelling agency. In a misquoted article, Virginia clarified that while she wasn’t on a helicopter with Clinton, Maxwell and Epstein often bragged about knowing prominent figures, including Clinton.

There are even pictures of Clinton receiving a massage from one of Epstein’s victims. He claimed to have a stiff neck during a layover en route to Africa for a humanitarian trip with Epstein and his entourage.

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Now, let’s return to the story. Virginia was 16, estranged from her parents, living with her boyfriend, and trying to get her GED. She was approached by Maxwell and ended up entangled with Epstein and others. Her statements are detailed and shocking, revealing the depth of Epstein and Maxwell’s network.

Every American and global citizen should demand a deeper investigation into these events. I’m out of time for today, but thank you for joining the Speak the Truth podcast. I’m your host, Matt Tardio. We’ll dive deeper into these allegations in future episodes. Check out our Shopify account. Peace, love, happiness, and God bless. I’m out.

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