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George Annas: Governing biotechnology

Developments in biotechnology have made possible species-changing and even species-endangering procedures, says George Annas. We urgently need a global governance structure to regulate them. Albert Einstein cogently observed that “imagination is more important than knowledge”. He could have gone further. Moral imagination is more important than scientific imagination. The unmet challenge for science at the…

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We ask four top technologists: What is the future of telecoms? Sanjiv Ahuja, Matt Bross, Mike Fries and Niklas Zennström

The mobile phone is a great democratic technology: it will play a decisive role in providing universal access to telecommunications. New voice and data connections, made possible by affordable, accessible mobile phones, mean more opportunities for trade and wealth creation. Central and eastern Europe is a region with rapidly-rising mobile penetration: subscriptions rose 25% in…

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Abdullah Ahmad Badawi:

Contrary to popular belief, Islam is well suited to economic, social and personal development, says Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, as long as we interpret it correctly There is a popular view, especially in the West, that Islam has not come to terms with the modern world. This view holds that whereas Christianity “secularized” itself and shed…

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